House in Herzliya Pituach

Project Details

House in Herzliya Pituach

The homeowners, a couple with  4 children decided to build the their home in Herzliya Pituach

The house has been designed in modern building lines alongside a warm interior design.

The materials selected for the house shell are high-quality materials that are durable for regular maintenance
Which combine rigid materials in modern and easy-to-maintain contours.
The house is designed by spaces and spaces lit by tall and open windows, the entrance space is high in order
Make the most of it
The amount of light that enters a house with lots of windows. In addition there is a transparent elevator in the center of the house
Allowing to move from floor to floor more easily the house is 4 floors. Total basement: TV room
With kitchenette and dimension, cinema room and guest room + toilet and bathroom.

Ground floor kitchen guest toilet and living room. First floor master bedroom and bathroom and 2 children’s rooms With toilet and shower for everyone.

The oldest daughter is living in the attic.

In order to upgrade the quality of the materials and save costs all the products and household materials will be imported from China. Homeowners traveled to China where they purchased all of their home contents: from sanitation, through kitchen, parquet And faucet flooring, sinks, toilets, baths. Mosaic for pool, carpentry, lighting fixtures, kitchen, Home furniture, mattresses, garden furniture, marble and even crockery and textiles. Armchairs for a movie theater. The trip to China allowed them to upgrade their home and purchase top quality products. for example The original design was parquet only in the living room and since they traveled to China they made parquet all over the house. The house style is modern which combines warmth by warm colors like brown and gray parquet floor and fireplace, The backyard around the pool is paved with marble so that maintenance is minimalist. In front of the house there is a cute little garden including a living room and garden furniture.

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