A one-time consultation meeting with an Architect & Interior Designer An opportunity that will save you a lot of money and headaches.

The Procedure

1. You are are standing before buying a property and you are not sure that the house is the right one for you.
2. You like to renovate your house but you have not a big budget and want to consult an Interior designer for a one-time consultation meeting.
3. You have purchased a property that will ready in a few years and want to consult a professional.
4. The house had been transformed into a mess a lot of furnitures and you don’t know how to start.
5. You really want to start to build a new house, but are scared and afraid? You feel that before you make a decision, or before starting the work – it would be good to have a consultation with a professional.

The Meeting

  • During our meeting we will help you solve the issues of location, position, design, combinations and we will direct you to solve the technical challenges of implementation.I will leave you sketches that will help you to measure spaces and calculate quantities of material that you need. Each session lasts between two to three hours , and after you can decide whether you need another meeting or not.
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