What are the Services of home styling?

Home Styling is a service that allows you to upgrade the house. And that gives it a new look and quickly without distroying Walls and with a minimal budget.

Who can use this service ?

Anyone who lives in a rented apartment or house and want want to upgrade a room or a kitchen or living rooms ext..
Or for those who want to raise the value of the property, For those who want to change furniture as living room or any room.

What does the service include?

I can renovate alone why do I need a Professional ?

The professional is a person who studied design and who has the touch
and he knew how to combine all the furniture and items in the house while keeping the style and the architecture. In addition, he will be able to obtain you furnitures and accessories for cheaper prices and always knows how to find creative solutions.

Is this service expensive?

The budget depend on each and each client. Many times we use the furnitures that you have in order to reduces cost. We can do light changes in your house.
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