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China import

室内设计及从 中国进口的 好价钱

Over the past few years we have seen a new trend in the Interior design field more and more of our customers are interested in purchasing furnitures and home accessories from China. We accompanied them to China and allow them to save up to 70% of the costs. We allow our customers to purchase whatever they want for their new home.

We provide

  • Consulting and guidance for the purchase of personal imports products from China.
  • An online catalog of different products
  • Written amounts and price estimation according to the customers shopping list.
  • Ordering goods from our suppliers in China.
  • Or – We will accompanied our clients to China and advice them which products to buy from the recommended manufacturers and suppliers.
  • The trip included an English-speaking Chinese guidance and an architect that will accompanied you as well and a driver with a car who knows the Chinese roads, and we will organise visas, flights and hotels.
  • Quality control and accounting quantity of the products ordered by the customer for suppliers and manufacturers in China before its package.
  • Collection of goods from various suppliers and their concentration in the warehouse of the company in China, goods will be packed, and launching them with a bill of lading in the name of the customer.
  • Marine insurance and aviation.
  • Handling all through customs .
  • Treatment transporting the goods to the customer’s home.
  • If necessary you can store all your goods in warehouses in Ashdod till the project start.

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