House in Hod Hasharon 2019

Project Details

House in Hod Hasharon 2019

The house is a source of strength, nourishes me every day a new, “is the phrase we heard on the day of the project.

Sometimes we watch the house, and immediately recognize the benefits that are important to express.

The motif that led us was height, and height again.

The wooden stairs, which rest on black iron, lead to the top floor, surrounded by a glass railing, which creates transparency,

they are like a wonderful piece of jewelry that forms a background with visual power.

One of the things that characterizes the house is a poster in the dining area, which we created ourselves, a place to give a background that enhances the feeling of a public space.

The result we came to after much thought reflects for us the good place we always want to return to.

Created by Orit Ofir and Muriel Grumet.




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