House in Hankin Raanana

Project Details

House in Hankin Raanana

After moving between 3 different continents, Africa, USA, and the Far East, the family chose to build her new home in Israel, in the city of Raanana.

The house is built on a 550 sqm plot, a spacious home, which includes spacious developers, and a wonderful connection with the outside. The house is three  floors, includes a basement, an elevator swimming  pool in the garden and a spacious movie room.

One of the things that makes the house unique is a wonderful collection of items from different cultures that blend into an eclectic style, much of which was designed as a custom made.

In order to design a house just as we wanted, without feeling unlimited, we decided to go to China. Shopping to maximize our budget

We purchased, furniture, special tiles for the public area, for the bathroom we chose a Corian bath, which includes a hot tub, and of course for the movie room, comfortable seats.

The process was very exciting as I accompanied the family and contributed to the absorption process in building their new home.

One of the things that makes the house unique is a collection of items that the family members have collected over the years from different cultures, from different places in the world, so that the house has a character and a personal seal.

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